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The Child is Father of the Man

My blog is on value-based parenting. LEAD PARENTING is the prescription. L for LOVE, E for EXAMPLE, A for ADVICE and D for DISCIPLINE. When parents embrace LEAD parenting there is a fair chance that their young ones turn out to be children of quality. With over 135 posts so far, parents are gently persuaded to reflect on values and virtues their children need to have. Which means that they have to have them before they give inputs to their children. As a parent of four grown sons, one who is passionate about parenting and believes that parenting is the most important vocation, I have used my hard-won experience to counsel scores of families, host the blog and author a book on parenting title: The Child Is Father of the man, Tips and Techniques for Wise Parenting. The book will be published soon. My website has more information: http://www.ignatiusfernandez.com